Grandma’s Legacy, My Dream Come True

If you are a regular reader, then you know that my Grandma is one of my best friends. Certainly my most enduring! Since I was a girl, I’ve made her retell stories of her childhood over and over.

The pictures of her life have played themselves out in my mind always. It has long been a dream of mine to travel to the place her stories begin.

This world that meant so much to my beloved Gram. I wanted to visit and photograph the locations, to give her tangible pieces of her memories.

Last week brought me an unexpected chance to live this out.


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When Drunk Driving Hits Close To Home

dd cover

Six weeks ago a drunk driver hit my friend.

She and her young daughter were driving home, in small town America, after getting groceries on a Sunday afternoon. It was their first time doing a major coupon haul, and they were excited about their savings.

In fact, her child was on the phone in the back seat talking to her Daddy, who was in an airport preparing to board a plane home. During the impact. [Read more...]

The Inconvenience Of True Friendship

I learned something about friendship last week. True friendship is seldom convenient. 

I travelled to help a friend in need; it really wasn’t simple. There is a lot to organize before you leave your family. The planned boxes of our lives to be checked and ordered. I could have said no.

Instead? I jumped at the chance to say yes, to offer my life as an outpouring of love to another. To Jesus.

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A Day At The Zoo

 Sharing some favorite shots from the Portland Zoo

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Free Easter Printable PDF

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What Jazz Hands Taught Us Moms About Courage

Are you afraid of something?

We don’t always talk about it, we barely whisper it- scared we’ll somehow speak “it” into reality. As if that is how it works.

No more.

Facing things and dragging them kicking and hollering into the light takes away some of the “boogie man” factor. There is something you should know. Stuff we keep in the dark stays scary.(Tweet that)

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How To Give New Style To Old Lampshades- Easy Tutorial

lampshade cover

Lamps can go out of style yet still be functional. This one isn’t that bad, but after 10 years, it is ready to be updated. [Read more...]

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives


 What is it about music that weaves itself into our memories?

We are caught unaware when we hear the strains of the songs that transport us to another place or time. Back to our first junior high dance, or the song we danced to at our wedding. Our first break up songs or the headbanger ballads that we played as loud as our speakers would crank in our rustbucket youth mobiles. The show tunes of old musicals that make our feet tap or the holiday songs that remind us making cookies with our moms.

Music is powerful.

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When We’re Old And Have Nothing But Time…


Do you wish to have more time?

Janet says, “I was talking to my mom the other day about having so much to do, and not enough time. She is 93 and said, “I wish I could give you some of my time when I am here by myself for hours and no one calls or comes by.”  [Read more...]

Photography {Balboa Island, CA}

A dreamy day in Sunny SoCal

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