Moving Forward When You Can’t See Ahead

If you ever have the chance to drive up Pike’s Peak in Colorado, it quickly becomes apparent that the ascending  view is limited.

There are stretches where nothing is visible except the sky beyond the asphalt.

14,110 feet above sea level with no guard rails  feels unnerving.

pikes 2

Sometimes this is the driving force in our lives. Scared to not see what is ahead, fear immobilizes us.

We worry, “Is it safe to continue on?


There are no promises that it’ll be easy, but it will be life changing.

Jesus is the guide, going ahead of us to check out the road. He is ahead, around and behind.

How many times have we come through the unknown in our lives? Concerned about what was around the bend, but trusting it was right to go on? The road might be jarring and the wind nearly knocks us off of our feet.

But if we press on, there will be an amazing finish.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” ― Corrie ten Boom


In my own life this has proved true countless times.

I could not imagine the new vista, and often the road was scary. Sometimes there was no road at all, and every step was wobbly and painful. But it was worth pressing on to see what was ahead.

I won’t live my life afraid to drive around the bend. I’m not saying I won’t want to, it’s natural to have fear. But I’ll fight it back.

Venture out of the comfort zone.

Did you know Katharine Lee Bates penned the words to America the Beautiful after reaching the top of this vista in the late 1800′s? Surely, the road was intimidating even more so 110+ years ago, but when she succeeded? She was deeply moved. The experience gave her something to share with our country. Our unique experience will give us something as well…

Turn the corner, see what is waiting to be discovered. Don’t miss out on the beauty for fear of the journey.

A Huge Thank You From A Small Blogger

thank you blogger

A friend shared a sense of being on the verge of something amazing in their life. An approaching change that signified a progressive and significant shift.

Have you ever felt that sense of anticipation?

We work so hard towards a goal, and finally we feel it just might be within reach. Maybe this dream will really happen!

I don’t know about your life work, but for writers there is always a sense of making it.  That our voice and message will be heard. There are writers (like all professions) that have a self-focused drive, to be heard for their own glory.

But most of the writers I know of? They pour their heart into each and every word. Agonizing over the right string of letters that will create a message worth our time. They are unselfish and sacrificial and care more about the benefit to the reader than the cost to themselves.

They inspire me.

Right now, I am a considered a small blogger, nowhere near a following of at least 10,000 people (which is an estimated industry minimum to even be considered for a book proposal).  Insecurity often tries to sneak in and pummel me into quitting this writing business. No way. [Read more...]

Giveaway #theshatteredeffect

glad heart

I came across a wonderful publication called Shattered: Your story, His glory!

It was especially moving to read people’s stories; not only of struggle but of beauty! My kind of stuff.

The writers in the Bible understood sorrow on a level we hope to never experience. A translation of Proverbs 15:13, features a writer expressing deep pain. “A glad heart makes a cheerful face but by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed“.

Are you there today? Your smile will come again. Enter today to win a copy of the new Shattered. [Read more...]

Is It Wrong To Shelter Our Children?


What does it mean to shelter your children?

To be a helicopter parent, trying to protect them from any potential life challenge? Or, conversely, is it better to let them experience life without a guard so they learn how to deal?

I am a firm believer that parents should shelter their children. I’ll tell you why…

The very definition of shelter simply means to provide protection and refuge from adverse conditions.

It is hard to imagine an argument that a parent should not afford their child those basic conditions.

I’ve personally struggled with this as a mother.

[Read more...]

Vintage Treasures


This week I went to a French flea market with friends. The booths overflowed with charming displays of vintage wares. Farmhouse, industrial, shabby: they were all represented beautifully. I love that there are people who actively collect and protect items from the trash heap. Recognizing the value of things that tell our stories. The stories of our heritage.

It brings about a few chuckles to see common items, such as tins of spices that lined my childhood cupboards. Sold as antiques, ha!

I am sure each preceding generation feels the same way. Amazed that their very own life that sped by, now is classified as vintage. [Read more...]

Everyday Errands Or Divine Appointments?

Last week, it was hot. Humid.

Probably  not the ideal day to decide to do all the shopping around at four stores for the best deals. Still, I was alone for a few hours and went with it.

IMG_2311 [Read more...]

Life Hoarder


I’ve come to the startling realization that I am a hoarder.

If you enter my house you won’t see piles of garbage or mounds of trinkets stacked to the ceiling.

It’s deeper than that, more of an internal attitude.

Take for example my stash of scrapbook paper. It definitely qualifies as a stash after 15 years of scrapbooking. The amount of paper isn’t the problem.

It’s a strange pattern of thinking that dictates I MUST save the best for later. I have a slight fear of using up my favorites, because then they’ll be gone.

It is that same thought process that keeps 33 episodes of House Hunters International in my DVR.

The warped thinking that keeps me obsessively cleaning out my email inbox before I do the fun stuff. As if that one thing will matter. It keeps me from doing my favorite things. [Read more...]

Photography {Zoo Animals}

Organizing some writing ideas this weekend, so instead of words here are a few of my favorite pictures from an outing to the zoo. If you have kids around, gather them up. They’ll like these! Use the share buttons to forward them on to animal loving friends.

DSC_0088 [Read more...]

{Interview} What Is It Like Living With Fibromyalgia?

fibro leadI had the privilege of being interviewed by Chris Morris, as part of his new series A Day In The Life…

Chris knows physical challenge on a deep and personal level. This has given him a tremendous desire to encourage others, to equip them to live the fullest lives possible.

He is never patronizing and his words are refreshingly candid. You can see why it was an honor then, to me, to be part of this new outreach. If you’d like to know more about what it is like to live with Fibromyalgia, come on over and read the interview here.

If you are scared and suffering with the frustration of chronic health issues? Chris is your new go-to guy for encouragement!

Making Summer Memories- Retro Style


Today I am remembering how much fun it was to be a kid in the 70′s. I think we should bring back some of those simple pleasures.

Parents didn’t entertain the kids all day, we were strongly encouraged to make our own fun. And we did!

Times were different, but I was allowed to cruise around until the street lights came on. And, I had to be within hollering distance for my mother.

I was free to explore.

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