Mabel’s Praying Hands

praying hands

These ceramic hands sit upon a bookshelf, next to the picture of Great Grandma Mabel. [Read more…]

Standing at the corner of Indecision and Action


When we are faced with the many choices of life, we often find ourselves stumped.

Stuck in the mental quagmire of self doubt.

It’s like we are standing at a corner. Indecision Way veers off the left…  [Read more…]

What We Learn From Children

we learn from children

There is much to be learned from watching small children play.

We adults spend far too much life worrying about how things will play out.

Where the pieces that confuse us will fit together…or if they’ll ever fit at all. [Read more…]


Simple Tips For Better Spring Photos

flower tips

After barren winters, it is fun to get outdoors with our cameras to capture the essence of spring. Flowers offer unlimited potential for incredible pictures, and these ideas will help you capture the beauty with shots to be proud of!

All of these were taken with a basic point and shoot camera, or a phone camera.

I left the colors unedited to encourage you that even without the cool features of photo apps, YOU have the ability to create amazing photography!

Here are 8 ideas to start getting great shots today: [Read more…]

A Love Story

a love story vintage cards

Companies that produce greeting cards, are well aware of our desire to express ourselves.  In the US over 6 billion cards are sold on average every year! We might grab the first one that seems suitable, or be the person who spends an hour thoughtfully perusing the aisles.

Either way, most of us probably don’t give much thought to the card after it is given.

[Read more…]

Would You Eat Rotten Fruit?

rotten fruit

Would you eat a piece of rotten fruit?

Unappealing, yet we do it all the time.

Whenever we choose to be mocking or complaint driven or reckless? We are choosing rotten fruit. [Read more…]

California Dreaming- The Beach

California beaches

Grab a cup of something warm and your imagination. Today concludes the California Dreaming series with a day at the beach…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini visual vacation. There is a little something extra at the end ♥ [Read more…]

California Dreaming- Part Four

California oranges

The smell of orange blossoms must be one of the most intoxicating aromas. How lucky to be in SoCal during the blooming season, where the fragrance tickles the sensibilities.

It is one of my favorite smells of all.

Approaching the citrus trees, the air seems to vibrate with the vast number of bees, who share my love of the blossoms. [Read more…]

California Dreaming- Part Three

You’re all waiting for the beach pictures. C’mon, admit it. :).

It is the number one thing I get asked about by people who have not been to the West Coast.

Patience, I’m almost there. If you missed Part one and two, click on the highlighted words to zip over. But first…

California reservoir [Read more…]

California Dreaming- Part Two

san bernardino mountains

One wonderful thing about the valley here, is that you can turn in almost any direction and see mountains.

When I was a girl, my summer camp was in this mountain range. We would leave the hot and often smoggy city, and ascend the hills until we reached our destination.

Smoky the Bear calmly let us know how high the fire danger was on our way up. Woodsy the Owl reminded us to give a hoot and not pollute. [Read more…]