5 Easy Ways To Record Your Family History- Free printable

5 Easy Ways To Record Your Family History (with free printable)


I am captivated with my family genealogy.

Thankfully, my Grandma has been working on this for many years, making it easy for me to enjoy.

I can take her labors and create, in my way, pages to honor these people I did not know.

But I imagine them well



5 Easy Ways To Record Your Family History (with free printable)



I tuck little snippets of history away; morsels of story to be pulled out and savored.

Do you know your story?

Every thread of our lives weave together, back and forth, in and out. We participate but are often unable to see clearly.

Stop and listen. See the beautiful tapestry of your life, and mark it down. It is a common refrain, as we wonder who would want to read about our normal day?

Someone will, I promise you.

On one side of my family the history is largely unknown. That makes this celebration of family even more significant.

We do the coming generations a tremendous favor to share these seemingly forgettable moments in ways that will tell our story.


5 Easy Ways To Record Your Family History

Scrapbooking is one way I enjoy bringing together old photos with real “pieces” of life from my extended family. If you’d like an idea for a complete mini book click on this link.  Here are a few simple ideas:

1. Create pockets by gluing a half sheet of paper on a full sheet. Tuck in records and loose information or personal items

2. Don’t be afraid to use any old letters or postcards. On the example below, I used a card my great-grandmother sent to my Grandpa along with her picture. These details can be hard to find, so don’t get hung up on the dates of the photo/papers matching. The idea is to represent the person, something about them…



5 Easy Ways To Record Your Family History (with free printable)



3. Print off records if you don’t have them. A little internet research can provide copies of marriage certificates, death certificates, and even immigration information

4. Add historical information as a “side note” to supplement the photos. For my leading title picture in this post, I did a search for the indenture program my great-grandfather was a part of. It helps cement our relatives and their realities into our imagination

5. Ask relatives for any memories, and include them along with a picture. Again, they don’t have to be exact. For example, I have a blurry old picture of my grandfather in the band. My grandma shared a memory of how he that music impacted him. The contrast of his upbringing and his appreciation for something beautiful added another dimension to what I knew of him.



5 Easy Ways To Record Your Family History (with free printable)



Treasures to me are the small things: a copy of my Grandpa’s navy paperwork and a paycheck stub, my husband’s Grandma kept farm records that we have copies of, a picture of my Great grandfather shipped alone to Canada as a young boy, adoption papers telling me names of relatives I will never know, a picture of a many times-great uncle from the Civil war.

These things might have seemed commonplace in their original time, but remove them a few generations?



5 Easy Ways To Record Your Family History (with free printable)


They are now a pathway to people. My people.

That matters to me.

Suddenly dry history comes alive!

Entertain no concerns about blood lines, your story includes the people who played a part.

Tell YOUR story, and the people who gave it to you.



5 Easy Ways To Record Your Family History (with free printable)


What can you do today? Make some record of your days…mere paper in your hands will be a treasure to future generations. The treasure hunters of story. Guardians, to document that these faces- these people— lived.

And it mattered.

If you need some conversation starters, I’ve created a free PDF file with 40 questions to help bridge generational gaps. Click here if you’d like to download it for free~



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12 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways To Record Your Family History- Free printable

  1. Great ideas and very practical to implement. It’s a wonderful and valuable keepsake for future generations. The best part is that you use what you have available, what you can find. Even a paycheck stub is interesting a generation or two later.

    1. Yes Carol~ my grandpa’s paycheck stuff was so interesting to see per hour, taxes etc. I am glad you read the piece today, and hope you start gathering your own life “pieces”. Thank you for commenting, have a great day!

  2. The lady in the photo with a G looks similar to Pamela (ipaint, iwrite). She is from Canada. (Probably no relation, but it is interesting, and that may not be the side you said was from Canada.)

    I just bought a book today to see if it will give me ideas for putting together a novel using family stories. The stories are interesting snippets, rumors, and intrigue. Putting them all together as a novel has been way over my head.

    It has been fun digging into those things. Love your pages. (I love your geese photos from the other day, although I don’t like geese. One bit my toe once – ha! Perhaps it was getting me back for one of the things done to them by a relative in my past history. A very funny story in itself.)

    1. Eva that sounds interesting! One step at a time and you’ll get there. I imagine part of the fun of that sort of writing might be getting distracted by the stories? That is funny about Pamela, I wonder if she saw it?

      I don’t like geese either, actually I avoid them. Tend to seem pretty aggressive. That was my zoom lens 🙂 Thanks so much for your encouragement Eva, have a blessed day

  3. I love these ideas Christa. You are so creative! I once made a 2 photo books (one for me and one for my brother) of our Aunt Dee using pictures and documents. It took a long time (partly because I’m a perfectionist), but they turned out beautifully 🙂

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