Meet Christa

Meet Christa at

Hey there! I’m Christa.  SO glad you are here.

This is a place for keeping it real. Always.

Once I read about a lady named Hagar in Genesis who had an encounter with God. She was in awe, telling Him You are a God who sees me.

That moved me deeply towards the work you see here today. Every word, every photograph,  is a reflection of gratitude for a God who sees me.

And He sees you.

That is why I write as transparently as I know how, because I have been seen, known in a deep and fulfilling way. And I want you to know, that is available to all of us.

He sees you, and so do I. 

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Random things about me:


Meet Christa at


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Meet Christa at




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24 thoughts on “Meet Christa

  1. After almost a quarter of a century of friendship (sorry does that give away our age???) I can’t believe that I’m just now being introduced to your blog……it’s great! It also helps to know the story behind the writer!

  2. Yeah Nancy , but please don’t tell THAT story, ha ha. After all…i would seem a LOT less mysterious, right? Besides, i might create a realistic fictional character based on you 🙂

  3. Congrats on your progress! I’m inspired by your view of the state I’ve lived in for 39 years! Please keep it coming…

  4. I love this! I miss you so much and this gives me chance to keep up with you even when life gets in the way of our friendship.

  5. Can a devoted grandma be forgiven for adding her word of praise to this list? I am so proud of you, little one….Blessings!

  6. Hi Christa,

    I just heard about you yesterday afternoon from a mutal friend from Madison Park. (Di V.) I look forward to delving more into your intersts, skills, suggestions, etc.

    My challenge is to get the creative thoughts from my brain down to my hand and pen. (Microsoft Word)

    While I believe I have a God-given talent of “communication” I really desire to fulfill His will in my life.

    Your web site has proven to be “fresh beginnings”.



  7. Hey,

    You commented on my blog and I don’t know how to respond back! I tried to comment on your comment and it didnt go through….so here I am, at your blog!

    Anyway, I always use Carolina Biological for all my science needs. You can order a catalog from

    Hope that helps!!


  8. Mrs. Sterken –
    Please continue to write on your blog!! The Lord has truly blessed us with you and your family as our friends! He loves you and I do, too!

  9. I am so glad that you are a part of my life now and a part of WRC’s life. 🙂 You’re an amazing writer. What a gift God has give you. I have the soul of a writer and LOVE it, but don’t know how to begin. Maybe God brought you into my life for several reasons. LOL

    1. Hey girlie! I love to see what a beautiful girl you have turned into, not the little tot I knew 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog. Much love to you and your family

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