A Rare Review- (IEW) Institute For Excellence In Writing

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Occasionally I do a review for a homeschool curriculum that is worth purchasing. I have known about the Institute for Excellence in Writing courses for years but the cost was prohibitive. Instead, I wasted collectively much more money on other programs that didn’t work half as well.

People are surprised to find out that though I am a writer, teaching writing is one of the hardest subjects in our homeschool. One of our children is decidedly, staunchly, against writing of any kind. And intuitively understanding the process doesn’t help in teaching writing.  I finally breathed a sigh of relief.

We used the Student Writing Intensive “C and the Teaching Writing Structure and Style materials. Both included DVD instruction: one for me, one for them. The materials for clear for both, it is foolproof.

The kids still balked at writing, finding the instructor a bit silly (I usually laughed) on DVD lessons. They followed well laid out steps to complete assignments following the lessons. For parents, this is the easiest most thorough way I have found.  They had checklists to help them stay focused and understood the directions well.

For the parent, the DVD’s give helpful and practical understanding of the mechanics involved in teaching IEW. This was the easiest year of writing we have ever done. My child that hates writing, well, she still hates writing. But she is better at it. She has a stronger foundation, one that without this program I don’t think would be as stable.  Though spendy, these programs are a good investment if you need something well done and with no prep work for the parent. Highly impressed. The only drawback is the DVD’s seem slightly dated and the humor can seem corny to the older kids. Small price for excellent instruction.

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  1. Very informative. To me, the thing that was stressed in homeschooling was teaching your child to love learning. If you’ve accomplished that, you’ve succeeded. Good post, Christa.

  2. Thanks, Christa. Perhaps something to consider for next year.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of IEW. It’s worth every single penny. They also have a fantastic refund/exchange policy and excellent customer service. Highly recommended!

  4. Robbin R says:

    We’ve used IEW for 6 years and can not imagine how we would do without it. It has also taken us farther than I have ever thought one program could cover (a 9th grader writing advanced research reports) We’ve also gone to his classes and feel well-prepped for ACTs already.

  5. I am so thankful this program doesn’t get constantly updated. It works wonders as is!

  6. Laura Vitkavage says:

    I agree with everything you said, Christa. Our experience from versions A through C was worth every dime. Our reluctant writers have grown in their skills and understanding of the process such that they have written very strong essays, in particular on their college applications. I’m very thankful for having made the decision years ago to purchase this curriculum.

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