Clean Up For Company In Five Minutes

Clean Up For Company In Five Minutes-Enjoy the people and keep it simple.


Easy Hospitality

I’m running a bit short on time today, which actually ties in well for this topic; inviting people into your home.

We often discuss the importance of hospitality.

I want to encourage you to not make entertaining such a big deal.

Getting prepared is a HUGE deterrent when we consider having company.

I believe that if we have a home, we need to invite people into them.

But we are often short on time, aren’t we?

I used to believe the whole house had to be spotless to have people over.


Tidy? Sure.

Sterile? Not necessary.


Do the basics. Grab a multi-purpose cleaner and a few rags:

  • Wipe counters and sinks
  • Grab an empty laundry basket and walk around putting things in that go in other rooms. For now, stash away to be sorted later
  • Wipe down bathroom, making sure to check under the toilet seat
  • Sweep and vacuum the areas people will be in only
  • Open the windows to let in fresh air for a bit
  • Pick up entryway and if time, clear the doorway outside of debris
  • If you have pets, take a piece of tape or lint roller and run over furniture
  • Still have a few minutes? For a casual get-together, don’t underestimate the power of a tray. It has been amazing over the years to see how special people feel when we set out a tray, put a cloth napkin on it, a pitcher or teapot and some pretty glasses. Maybe a small plate of some snack (it REALLY doesn’t matter what, I promise that it’s the presence of it that is the present)


Clean AFTER people leave

I realized that I was dog tired before people came, and then cleaned thoroughly after people left.

(Here is a GREAT reason why the house doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t be Supermom)

So, simplify before (we do want people to be comfortable) and clean when they leave (we want to be comfortable too).

After all, the joy of people over in reality often means spilled items, tracked in foot debris, etc.

That is life. Enjoy the people and keep it simple.


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7 thoughts on “Clean Up For Company In Five Minutes

  1. Practical, helpful tips. Thanks Christa. Good post.

    It used to be there would be impromptu times. Times of pop ins. No longer are they part of our culture. But perhaps the reason those times were some of the “funnest,” was because there was no time to worry about the state of our abode. A quick apology, a gracious response and we were on to having fun.

    1. Anne, what a good point you make! People used to just stop by. We’ve lived here five years now, I can count how many times, with my hands only, that people have just stopped by. Used to be a way of life. I miss it. There wasn’t the stress of “prep time” was there?

  2. Very wise words, my friend! I think that when we strive too hard for our homes to look perfect, we inadvertently make our guests feel less welcome…like visiting a museum. Better for them to see that we are real (imperfect) people and get down to the business of honest connection, yes?

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