How do I practice hospitality?


A woman timidly told me she had no gift for hospitality.  As I listened, I became convinced that she had it, but didn’t recognize it in herself. She is known as being gracious and welcoming: people look forward to going to her home!

Life can be chaotic and adding one more idea to your overflowing schedule may seem daunting.

It amazes me that no matter how tired I am, when my family takes the time to love others through action God provides the energy we need.

The Bible is full of verses about serving others, but when I need a bit of extra incentive, James 1:22 does the trick. “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says”.

This puts my agenda back into perspective when I remember that “do” is an action word.



How do I practice hospitality?



How about implementing one of these suggestions to practice hospitality?

  • Brainstorm people and places you could reach out to. It might be helpful to make lists, don’t forget to ask your children for their ideas. They might know of needs you are unaware of. Having a list can make it easier to move on to the next step…action.
  • How about calling someone you don’t know well and inviting them over for tea? I met a woman with small children whom I wanted to know better. Inviting her over allowed us to chat and blessed her by having my older kids entertain her toddlers, giving her a much-needed break.
  • With the ever advancing technological age letter writing is becoming a lost art. People still get excited about receiving a hand written note. Is there someone you could send a card to? It doesn’t have to be lengthy, and it will make someone feel great to know they were thought of! Sure beats another bill in the mailbox.
  • Making dinner tonight? If there is enough to double the recipe, it would be fun to share your dinner with another family. Wrap some up and take it over, or better yet invite them to join you for an impromptu evening.
  • Speaking of meals, do you know anyone going through a challenging time? I have experienced great joy in surprising people with meals and also been the recipient. Once I was sick and a friend showed up with dinner for my family. This was such comfort to me, knowing my family would still enjoy good food and I could rest. Never underestimate the power of a simple meal. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just some soup and bread can lighten the load for someone.
  • Pull out your calendar and make a commitment. Start with one, and then another and soon you will see that hospitality can become easily integrated into your life. We don’t always have time for the big things, that is a reality so don’t feel guilty about it. Click To Tweet Guilt can prevent us from doing anything at all. One step is a great start!
  • It is important to be hospitable to our own families as well. Since our children learn from our examples, not just our instruction, the home is a great place to practice on each other. It is fun to look for ways that bless each person. I know I can get so busy, that I lose sight of the fact that my family is my ministry as well. Do something meaningful to help your husband, surprise your child by doing chores for them, spend time with God to honor Him.



Please don’t think I underestimate the value of your time

Some days barely leave room to breathe. That is alright!

Building hospitality into our lives is a process, just take the plunge.

What was a meaningful gesture someone made that truly impacted you? Why was it so important in that moment?


This is the second of a two-part series,  please  share with friends who also could use a boost of inspiration.  You can find the The True Meaning Of Hospitality here.   To Love, Honor and Vacuum has a great post on Entertaining vs. Hospitality you can find by clicking here. If you’d like a free printable of these ideas, click on the link — ways to practice hospitality printable


6 ways to practice hospitality printable

**Inspired by a series originally written for TEACH magazine


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2 thoughts on “How do I practice hospitality?

  1. Christa,
    I practice hospitality by having people over even when my carpets are dirty from four cats and two dogs. I have to remind myself people are coming to see us and not how clean our house is.
    I do make sure all the litter boxes are clean before they arrive.

    1. Pamela, you go girl! Amen and amen. That is right, people come to be welcomed, not to inspect your carpet or mine. If they do? Then I think the welcome is lost on them 🙂

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