Is Gluten Making Us Sick?


In our home baking has always played a major role. I love to bake. For guests, neighbors, my family, just to experiment, and for personal enjoyment.

This week we decided to go Gluten free and see if we can tackle health problems that modern medicine isn’t touching.


And I feel sad, cheated, defeated. Because of those feelings, I also feel guilty. I mean, it’s just food right?


Apparently not. Every holiday, birthday, new baby, life event…I would bake to show my love and affection. It is shocking to see that wheat is disguised in almost every regular product we normally consume. It feels like a very big deal to change, and completely overwhelming to even consider.

Too bad.

I love my family, enough to learn and grow and change. I wouldn’t choose to become that family people are afraid to have over, that needs to plan our own snacks in advance, and that needs to become obsessive about ingredients, and worst of all—that would have to deny myself cake. My favorite thing in the world to eat.

But, these health challenges are here. And these changes? I am hopeful…that we will find new information. That our health issues will clear up and we will feel fantastic. Yep, that hopeful. And we are thankful, that there is so much information out there now that bloggers are sharing like this,  this, this, and this. That Pinterest opens up a new visual world. That even though this food was preposterously expensive (we’ll be looking for alternatives), that we had resources to start this experiment.

To be 100% honest, I’m not sure I believe in this. But taking care of home and family means trying new things. And maybe this won’t be the change we need. That is ok too, we’ll try something else. When we have a family, we keep trying, yes?

I will share with you our findings. If you have recipes (specifically for fabulous bread products) please link them up in the comments. Tell us about resources you like too…

I need help, and I’ll help you.

And please, don’t offer me cakes. Self control was the one thing I couldn’t find on the shelf yesterday…

10 thoughts on “Is Gluten Making Us Sick?

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes for you, Christa. I have thought about changing our diet. I think it is like a lot of new things those first steps are the hardest. It is especially hard to beat some of the cravings. Your experience may be the boost I need to make a few changes in my family’s eating habits.

  2. It was only difficult in the beginning, but pretty soon my sight got accustomed to finding the right food in the stores. I will send you links whenever I see something! I am cheering you on, cause I think it will help you in some ways anyway. ❤️

  3. I found I felt a lot better when I subtracted gluten. I’ll be praying it will help with health issues your family is having. The other day I ate something I used to eat in the past. I noticed immediately how it didn’t agree with my body anymore. Change is hard, even when it’s change for the better. Resistance is stubborn. But so is perseverance. Good post.

    1. I don’t know Laura, but I sure do prefer cake like foods any and every time. I will go have an apple right now

  4. Having gone through two kids with allergies to dairy/soy along with rice, oats and eggs. I feel your pain. Anytime you have to cut something out (I was nursing at the time and they were reacting through my breastmilk) it is almost like you need some time to mourn that food! I totally get it!

    1. Honestly Meredith, the kids are doing much better than me. I have tried baking several recipes that LOOK regular, smell regular, then taste…weird. The texture grosses me out. Hope I either get used to it, or can back off the cheating train and try again

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