Creating Summer Memories- Retro style


It was such fun to be a kid in the 70’s.

I think we should bring back some of those simple pleasures.

Parents didn’t entertain the kids all day, we were strongly encouraged to make our own fun. And we did!

Times were different, but I was allowed to cruise around until the street lights came on. And, I had to be within hollering distance for my mother.

I was free to explore. That is a huge part of who I am today, curious and exploratory. Click To Tweet

I do still like to be back before the street lights come on, but my mom won’t mind if I don’t.

Kids had simple toys in my neighborhood, and certainly, no one expected fabulous summer vacations out-of-town.

We were just kids, enjoying the hot days with nothing to do.



Creating summer memories-retro style



These were the days that stretched out lazily and full of promise. There was no expectations, just time.

We did the slip n’ slide, made finger shadow puppets, swung on old tires, made muscles just to see our shadows, walked on stilts, climbed trees, and cruised the streets with our well-used bikes.

Some days we’d roller skate, or walk to the park to swim in the public pool for a quarter.

No pool, no problem.

Any source of water was a good time. Hoses, sprinklers, kiddie pools, even stretched out trash bags on hills.



Creating summer memories-retro style



And on a really lucky day?

We could go to Thrifty drugstore where they sold ice cream cones for $.15.

I look back with fondness for those easy days. Surely we made our parents nuts wanting to know what to do next. But back then, parents told us to go find our own fun. And we did.

Let’s create summer memories with our kids, retro style.

No batteries, no electronics, just some water and some ingenuity. They might balk at first, but then they’ll find that homemade fun is the best kind.

You can’t buy that at a theme park…



Creating summer memories-retro style



Creating summer memories-retro style



Creating summer memories-retro style



Creating summer memories-retro style


I’m slowing down the tune, I never liked it fast.

You want to get there soon, I want to get there last. — Leonard Cohen


There was no need to keep up with the Jones,  because they were doing the same stuff we were.

Those lazy days created a childhood. One that money couldn’t buy.





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7 thoughts on “Creating Summer Memories- Retro style

  1. My dad made me a pair of stilts. Looking at your picture reminded me of that. My brother’s was about three feet off the ground, because he didn’t want his low. I was more afraid of falling. He was the daredevil and broke his wrist once swinging off a clothesline pole acting like Tarzan.

  2. LOVE IT! Brings back fond memories! And as an animal lover, I especially enjoyed the shot with the sprinkler and your large turtle friend at the forefront! I bet he was enjoying the summer shade and sprinkler as much as you kiddos were!!! And look at those cars! I remember rumbling up to the ice cream stand in my dad’s ol’ Duster and who didn’t love riding in the VERY back seat of the ol’ panel sided station wagon – facing the direction of where we had been with the big window rolled down and the summer air rushing in! (and dare I say – NO SEAT BELTS!)

    1. Ha, yep no seat belts. Remember kids just piled into wherever they could fit? In the back window, on the floor, in the back of trucks. We had a station wagon too with seats that faced inward. Sounds like a happy memory for you…

      That turtle? If I remember correctly, Tortuga (that was his name), was found by my Grandpa just crossing a street. He would hole up in the yard for the winter and come out when it warmed up. He loved the tomatoes in our yard, and I remember once he snapped at my moms red toenails. Must have been hungry

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