The Love Story Of An Abandoned Box Of Vintage Cards

The Love Story Of An Abandoned Box Of Vintage Cards

The Love Story Of An Abandoned Box Of Vintage Cards

Companies that produce greeting cards, are well aware of our desire to express ourselves.  In the US over 6 billion cards are sold on average every year! We might grab the first one that seems suitable, or be the person who spends an hour thoughtfully perusing the aisles.

Either way, most of us probably don’t give much thought to the card after it is given.

The recipient, however, is often moved to cherish the sentiments.

To want to relive the chuckle or the apology or the celebration.

And even more so, the intimate moments shared between lovers.


The Love Story Of An Abandoned Box Of Vintage Cards


I had the opportunity to sort through a box of old letters and cards recently. It was heavy with old papers and cards.

With the memories of a marriage.

The story of a life together.

It was shared with me because the owner knew of my passion for vintage papers. Of my pursuit to celebrate relationship. Of my commitment to document these moments that make up a life, a history.


The Love Story Of An Abandoned Box Of Vintage Cards


At first it felt intrusive, naturally. After all, these were meant to be shared between two people.

Not a stranger some 50-70+ years later.

I always consider it a great honor to tenderly handle other people’s memories.

As if they we trusting me to care for their story; a caretaker, however temporarily, to save their story from being forgotten.

To treasure what was.


The Love Story Of An Abandoned Box Of Vintage Cards


The cards were delightful, casting a vision of a doting husband with a saucy sense of humor and his adoring wife. The cards themselves were indicative of the times and expectations of the roles men and women were expected to live out.

There were no cards to share the hard moments, the times that almost break a couple.

But the duration of the decades of interaction, spoke to the testament of their love.

How I wished there was a way to pass them down to the couple’s descendants!

This year there are 6 billion more opportunities to touch a life. We never know what a little card means to someone, but to a few of the masses?

These pieces of paper, folded and colorful, will mean enough to save them for a lifetime.


The Love Story Of An Abandoned Box Of Vintage Cards

 Do you save your cards or toss them out? Does this type of story change your perspective about tucking a few special ones away?


5 thoughts on “The Love Story Of An Abandoned Box Of Vintage Cards

  1. I keep cards and letters, although not very many people write now.

    My mother-in-law kept letters and cards. After her death, we were given all of the cards and letters I think we had ever written to her. One letter was written to her from my husband when he was dating me. It was interesting to see those thoughts. I had never read it before.

    1. That is a special keepsake Eva! Do you think people are missing out by now writing by hand anymore? I heard (not sure if true) they aren’t going to teach penmanship anymore in school. That would be a shame

      1. I do believe they are missing out. I’ve heard the same thing about penmanship not being taught.

        A study I read about said that it is still best to take notes by hand when you are listening to lectures, because when you handwrite things it helps put things into your long-term memory. One theory of why when you write out your goals but never look at them again that you still work on them – they’re in your subconscious.

        1. That makes a lot of sense to me! That must be why it was so challenging to set my goals onto paper this year. It required me to think deeply. BUT I surprised myself even by what came out. That subconscious thing…

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