The Mexican Heritage Of Olvera Street


For a visual break in the heart of winter, I’ll do a few posts on places I visited in California last week.

It is hard to imagine if you are living in a state struck with frigid temperatures, but on the West coast 80 degrees was the backdrop to our trip. We’ll start with Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles.  It is a beautiful place, huge trees and shops line a marketplace celebrating the Mexican culture of early California.

Color is king, mariachi bands walk the streets serenading visitors, the smell of fresh taquitos lingers, and the air reverberates with drums for the cultural dance displays…




olvera5 olvera4 olvera2



Click here to watch a snip of the dancers: IMG_9471



  1. The vibrant colors are so gorgeous and inviting. My family would love this place. Did you buy anything fun in the marketplace?

    • christa sterken says:

      Taquitos :) I did look for Mexican jumping beans without success and was tempted to buy one of the wrestling masks with Hello Kitty, but it didn’t seem threatening enough. Just enjoyed being there

  2. Beautiful! Everything outside my window is mid-winter white. I love the colour in your photos.

  3. Lovely. A beautiful bright new year:)
    Happy New Year Christa. May the rest of the year be as bright.

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