What do you think about aging?

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What do you think about aging?

It is easy to focus on the external stuff, like sagging skin and droopy parts. Wrinkles that take an hour to unfold after sleeping.

The internal stuff like ineffective plumbing let’s say, or near spontaneous combustion with hormonal heat waves.

Valid points, I suppose. But they surely lead us to miss something special.

What if we spent as much time, when we consider aging, purposing to live our lives as authentically “us” as possible?

There is one thing—- fantastic, unexpected, wonderful even, that comes only from passing years…


As the years are flowing by, I am embracing freedom to let go of any baggage. Click To Tweet

To love who I am created to be. To care so much less about what others think.

A few years ago I spent time with a mentor seeking direction for my life. A profound realization hit me!

I am Not Like Everyone Else.

Hooray, I say!

And, neither are you.

I think of butterflies, how they float and light in one spot. But they don’t stay there.

That is me. I hover above life, swoop down. When I land, I will give you all I have. But I won’t stay there. I need to fly.


Sweet freedom whispered in my ear
You’re a butterfly
And butterflies are free to fly
Fly away, high away, bye bye

Elton John “Someone Saved My Life Tonight


My wings are delicate, they need to be handled with care. I tremble with the thought of being captured.

And that is okay, it is more than fine. I was created to fly.


aging into a butterfly www.christasterken.com


I used to feel like something was wrong with me.

Why did I have this spirit when everyone else seemed to ready to jump on board committees, make long term plans, settle down.

Nothing was wrong. I just didn’t  understand my need to be free.

My design was foreign to me. The more I recognize myself, really see the good parts of aging-the recognition of self– I praise God for making us all unique.

I can roam the skies. You can be an anchor. We are aging into something beautiful, if we only stop to see it.

As you grow older in years, how do you perceive these changes?



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