Why I’d Homeschool All Over Again

Why I'd Homeschool All Over Again www.christasterken.com


Today marks a significant milestone in our house. It is the last Monday, of our last week of homeschooling, with my last child.

The end. The beginning.

I have to be honest here, if you homeschool you already know, and if you are thinking about it? You should know.

Homeschooling is not for sissies.

It can be exacting, thankless, and all consuming.  But those are the sometimes. Like you have with any other days of parenting, or marriage, or life.

I want you to know that if I had to do it all again? I would jump at the chance. Without pause. Without question.


We should celebrate our accomplishments

It is something I am proud of.

Even more, it is something I am humbled and grateful for the chance to have experienced.

God took the best I had to offer, which sometimes seriously lacked, and made something beautiful. Click To Tweet

The millions of extra moments to experience life in a rich, exciting and deeply satisfying way is a gift.

Not just to my children, but to me.


The support of a spouse is a selfless gift

My husband deserves a thousand rounds of thanks for all the times I fretted over doing it right, doing it well, doing it without the frustrating sting of failure behind each stinging teardrop.

Sometimes at the expense of our own relationship.

If you are in the throes? May I earnestly plead with you to put your marriage back in the first place?

It is hard to know where the line is, parenting requires sacrifice.

The kids do grow up, and it’ll be harder to rekindle something that could have been stoked all along.


What happens in the next chapter?

So that’s all folks. My 14 years as a homeschooling mom, and in a few months, as a mom of kids at home!

I am learning to look great anticipation to the next chapter. My story is not even close to written. This was many chapters, wonderful and treasured chapters.

Who knows what the next page will tell?

Lots of ideas and plans here, more to come later. Today, le’ts end the journey for me, by encouraging you.


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If you have any questions, shoot me a line. I’m still planning to support this for my lifetime. Did you know my very first published piece was in Homeschool Enrichment magazine?

Don’t feel as though you are alone in this! I know how that feels, to have zero support and heavy criticism on all sides.

Stay strong, do what’s right for your family.

Check out the Pinterest page for more encouragement here.

We are reaping the joy in our little harvest. The bounty is so sweet.



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